SEO Basics: From Beginner to Advanced [Complete Guide]

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a popular term today! Isn’t it?
If you’re reading this guide then I would assume that you are one of the two types of peoples:

  1. You’ve heard about the SEO and its advantages and want to know what it actually is and how
    can it benefit you?
  2. You aspire to be an SEO professional and want to kick-start your learning regime with some SEO
    Basics. Either way, if you’re here to learn about SEO Basics then you’re at the right place at the right time.
    This couldn’t get more exciting as you through this guide you will know about some methods that will
    help you in:
  3. Increasing Web Traffic to your website.
  4. Building a sustainable business.
  5. Increasing your online reach by a minimum of 1000%.
  6. …. And many more objectives.
    The above-listed objectives are just the tip of the iceberg. SEO basics can completely revolutionize your career or your business. Well, it’s not the hottest skill on the internet for no reason. So without wasting any time. Let’s dive deep into learning some SEO basics.

SEO: The Definition

The most popular website on the internet is Google. People use Google to search for information,
shopping for something, entertainment, etc.
Google is primarily a search engine that crawls different websites, reads their data, ranks them and
delivers results to the users’ queries according to its ranking algorithm.
As the most popular website on the internet is Google, businesses want to rank better on Google to
increase their reach.
Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the technique through which you can get your website ranked on
top of Google.
Search Engine Optimization is a vast field that completely revolves around great content.

On Page SEO

On Page SEO is probably one of the most genuine parts of SEO and is, therefore, the most important one too. On Page SEO refers to optimizing a website or a webpage according to Google’s guidelines in order to rank better on search results.
If you want your website up there at the top, on page SEO is the first thing you need to perform with dexterity. On page, optimization is the very first step that should be performed to get great results in

SEO. It is one of the first phases that start even before the website goes live. There are several factors
that need to be looked into while doing on page optimization.

Keyword Research

Keyword Research is the very first step of your SEO campaign. It requires you to sit down and define the genre of topics that your website will deliver. Then you must decide what are the phrases or queries that a user must enter in Google to get you on top. Those phrases and queries must be your keywords.
A keyword is a phrase for which you will optimize your on-page content in order to get a better rank on
Google and reach the audience that you want to reach.
There are several tools that can help you with keyword research.
Keyword research and every aspect regarding it including tools and tips will be mentioned in further
posts in extreme detail.

Content Development

This should be the phase that follows the keyword research phase. Content development requires you to write informative and helpful content for your target audience. Also in SEO, you are supposed to use your keywords at appropriate places in your content.
Using different types of keywords at different specific places can yield great results for your SEO
Content is the most important part of a website on the internet today. It’s the content that primarily
gets you ranked on Google and the rest of the SEO is to facilitate better ranking and proper utilization of the
entire content.
Content development is a vast topic and will be discussed in detail in further posts.

Internal Linking

Linking to relevant content on your own website or page wherever necessary allows you to pass the link juice from one page to another. This helps in improving the overall rankings of your website on Google.
Internal linking is an important part of your On-Page SEO and you must pay a lot of attention to the fact that you link to relevant content. Make sure that you use an anchor wherever required and don’t shy
away from linking to other websites woo.
As internal linking is a vast and complex topic, it will be discussed in detail in further articles.

Website Submission

The most vital step to make all your hard work pay off is to get your website indexed by Google. Google generally crawls your entire website and reads the content and indexes it accordingly. But, in SEO you would like to display only relevant information in a systematic manner to Google.
Therefore, submitting a sitemap with the robots.txt file in Google search console can help you in achieving your objectives. There are many possible causes and methods to get more reach and get indexed faster by Google. We will discuss this topic in complete detail in further posts to provide you with the best possible ways
to get your website indexed on Google in quick time.

Off Page SEO

Off page SEO or Off-site SEO is the part of SEO that allows you to enhance the reputation and authority of your website through some off-site factors. The idea is to get as many links and mentions from other
relevant websites to direct more traffic and gain more authority for your website.
Off-page, SEO is usually performed after your website goes live and is available for the users. Off-Site SEO
helps you accelerate the progress of your website on Google search results.
There are many different techniques and methods to perform Off-Site SEO that serve different objectives that you want to achieve. These methods and techniques are mentioned below.

Link Building

It is probably the most famous Off-Site SEO technique. Link building involves you in getting links for your website from relevant high authority websites. Link building can be a major accelerator for your website’s rankings. In a way, most of the off-site SEO revolves around link building.
Link building is so popular in the world of SEO because it is the most powerful technique to get ranked quickly. There are many different types of link that you would like to get for your website.
We will discuss the entire link building strategy in detail in further posts with some added tips and tricks.

Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is another technique that helps you in your off-site SEO campaign. Social bookmarking has been one of the biggest and easiest ways to improve the authority of your Website.
The best part of it is that the people who do not have great technical as well as writing skills can also
perform with dexterity.
However, social bookmarking needs some amount of awareness and dexterity in order to yield the best results. We will discuss it in our further posts in extreme detail.

Directory Submissions

Directories on the world wide web are the websites that have a list of different websites from different niches. Some of the directories are of high authority and provide a great value to your website if you submit your website to these directories.
Directory submission is one of the first things that any SEO trainee will be asked to perform because of
the low level of complexity in the process.
The entire process and working of directory submissions will be discussed in detail in further posts.

Press Release

Press releases are the most authentic methods of getting links from high authority news websites.
Submitting a press release a good level of journalistic skills.
Don’t worry, if you follow a given pattern and maintain a journalistic tone of voice, you’ll be alright. We will discuss in detail in the further posts on how to write a press release and successfully submit to
some of the high authority websites

Guest Posting

Guest posts are the process where you utilize your community and submit well written informative
articles on other websites in exchange for a link.
It is a win-win situation for your website and also the website you post on. Just make sure that in return
for a link, you deliver them with high quality of content that attracts their readers.
Guest posting can take you miles in off-site SEO. Therefore, it is a force to reckon.
We will discuss Guest posting techniques and methodologies in detail in our further posts.

QnA Forums

The above-mentioned methods will help you get great links for your website which will enhance its authority. An enhanced authority will lead to better rankings on Google search results and better
the ranking will lead to more results.
However, Posting on QnA forums can get you a great amount of traffic. The idea is to answer the questions asked by people who are relevant to your websites. Your answer must be impressive and
should touch each and every aspect of the question asked.
After you have answered the question, you can provide relevant links to your website which will
certainly, divert more traffic to your website.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is the part of SEO which involves an intermediate to advanced level of knowledge in web
development technology.
However, it is possible for a newbie to perform perfect technical SEO with the help of certain guidelines.
Technical SEO involves optimizing your webpage in order to enhance4 its performance and user
In further posts, we will cover a complete array of techniques in a step by step manner to facilitate
your better understanding of technical SEO.

Mobile Search SEO

Mobile is the primary source of internet access for most of the world’s population today. Mobile search is growing by leaps and bounds and will be able to overtake desktop search in years to come.
But, as the mobile search has only recently appeared, it makes more sense to optimize for mobile search
in order to stay ahead of the competition and quickly reach as many people as possible from the target
Mobile search will be the most powerful and popular form of search on Google in years to come therefore optimizing for mobile search will certainly create better opportunities for newer websites. Mobile search will be discussed in detail in further posts with each and every aspect covered in detail.

Voice Search SEO

Voice Search is the newest form of search is growing exponentially. But still, it has not been as popular as mobile search or desktop search.
But still, it has been noted that a large part of the population that possesses the mobile phones that allow voice search to make use of it. Voice search is very different from desktop or mobile search as the queries
are more conversational than robotic.
Mixing your content with some keywords in a conversational tone can certainly help you in getting better rankings through voice search. This is a much more sustainable form of search that you can optimize for.
In further posts, we will discuss voice search SEO in detail and provide you with each and every tip which
will be relevant for your website’s growth.

.. Strong SEO Basics= Success

Although there are a number of tricks and shortcuts that one can take to get ranked better on the
Google, there is no alternative to investing a good amount of time and effort and doing SEO the right
You must understand that Google systematically eliminates and penalizes the websites that use shortcuts to get ranked better on Google and updates its algorithm regularly to do so. Therefore, you must make sure that you get your website ranked better on Google through genuine methods.
The SEO Basics mentioned in this article are going to benefit you in a major way as they will help you develop a clear understanding of different concepts. Before diving deep and moving on to our next post,
we would recommend that you make sure that you are aware of the SEO Basics mentioned above.
Most of the SEO professionals today suffer from a lack of understanding of SEO basics which is the reason they struggle in performing as expected. Therefore, thoroughly understanding these SEO basics will take you a long way.
In order to keep abreast of various Google updates and receiving some genuine SEO tips, tricks and
techniques, follow us and do read our latest posts as we update them.

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